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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Kackle #14: Prom Queen Werewolf in 3D

Kackle #14: Prom Queen Werewolf in 3D
By Bruce Wilson

9cm x 12cm; 16 pages; blue, red and grey print; includes 3D spectacles.

$7 USD

Remember when 3D meant red and blue cardboard spectacles? 

Prom Queen Werewolf in 3D reads like a low budget horror film from the 70s, complete with retro styled 3D glasses. 

Kackle #14 is a single short story, that follows Sally Jinkins on the lead up to her prom in a small town with a big problem. The problem comes in the shape of a local werewolf that has yet to be killed or caught. A curfew is just a precaution not a solution, and with the prom coming up, well, the town is asking for trouble. 

It's a fun, lighthearted horror romp, and while there are some twists to the plot, you can probably guess the ending. In a way though, the enjoyment is in getting there. All the illustrations are drawn in 3D, and are incredibly effective. 

Kackle #14 is well executed and produced, for example even the 3D spectacles are attached in a way that facilitates the zine to dispense with an unnecessary envelope for shipping. It's a small point, and I know paper is fundamental to our medium, but we should all be conserving where we can. 

With Halloween coming up you should definitely buy this - you get bonus points for incorporating Prom Queen Werewolf into your fancy dress: 

"What are you dressed as?", "Oh me? I'm just a retro styled 3D zine fanatic".

To buy a copy contact Kackle via facebook.com/kacklezine

or email spatty31 at hotmail dot com

Review by Nathan Penlington

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