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Monday, October 1, 2018

I came home with a foreigner Saturday night

I came home with a foreigner Saturday night
by Jeremy Dixon / Hazard Press

A6, eight pages, Limted edition of 100, colour print, hand stitched. 

£4 (free p&p)

I am a huge fan of found art and found writing. One of my favourite zines of the early 2000's was Found magazine, I included a monthly found poetry column in The Fix (now no more, but at the time the UK's first stand up comedy magazine), and my live interactive show Choose Your Own Documentary centres around four pages of a diary found between the pages of a second hand book. So, even before opening this up, I knew I was going to like it. 

I came home with a foreigner Saturday night reproduces a photographic portrait of a man taken sometime around 1910-1919, and a handwritten entry scrawled on the back. Because its tricky to decipher the handwriting, the text has also been translated into type, and in the process has become poetry. 

The poem is pregnant with desire, promise and hope. And like all found writing is riddled with questions - the who, what, where - but also 'what happened next?'. It is this fragment of time lost that gives this little book its power. 

To buy a copy, or to check out more of Jeremy's work visit: www.hazardpress.co.uk

Review by Nathan Penlington

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