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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Charlie Haggard

30 Pages
Size: Digest
Printer Paper and Card-stock
$5.00 + Shipping

BEARQUEFT COMIX #1 is the first in a series being created by Charlie Haggard. Bound in an all orange, card-stock cover and printed on printer paper in black and white, this comedic zine takes you through several brief adventures involving originally created characters.

This comic zine has two main stories with several interludes.

The main stories - Planet Man and Slumcat - were both very comedic. The type of comedy Haggard is going at pairs extremely well with this almost grunge-type atmosphere. While I would sometimes consider the black and white printing a downfall in some comics, I felt it worked extremely well for this; in this case, it made it feel like reading the comics in the weekly newspaper (which is fantastic).

My favorite part about this comic are the interludes found in-between the larger comics. These little gems made for great breaks between the stories and made for an overall, well-rounded comic zine. The pokes at modern society and art-work made for great chuckles - which is usually a hit or miss with that subject. And the fake ads were golden

All in all, the ideas Haggard has going here work very well together, creating a balance that makes for a well-rounded zine. I'm very glad this little zine found its way to my doorstep. I'm very interested to see what Haggard has to offer next.

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Review by Daniel Peralta
Completed 04/08/2017; 4:01 P.M. CST

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