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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lil bit of spice

Lil bit of spice

Lil bit of spice is a zine brought to us by Leslie Abelard, a Texan who lives in France. She describes the purpose of her zine as being to develop herself as an artist and to entertain – two pretty worthwhile reasons to create a zine I think.
Lil bit of spiceLil bit of spice

The zine is a mix of things including music and zine reviews, descriptions of places she’s been, poetic interludes through to general musings/rants. It even includes a mini-zine called Delicious in which she prints a favourite recipe. Also it’s a nice touch that rather than just print coloured pictures in her zine, she has chosen to ‘stick in’ actual photographs. Makes an interesting change in texture from plain paper to glossy pic .
Lil bit of spice zineLil bit of spice zine
I found this a fun zine due to the whimsical nature created by Leslie through a mix of child-like elements such as extras like a handmade card for Valentines’ Day in the first issue and Mother’s Day post-it-notes in issue two.  Both issues also have a Fortune fairy and a mysterious sealed envelope on the final page titled Goodies which is most intriguing.  I would love to open these two sealed items but it seems almost sacrilegious to spoil the zine by doing so! View the catalogue record I created for it

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