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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Johnston, R.C.


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15096 Buena Vista Ave

White Rock, BC  Canada, V4B 1X9


Eraser Dust #5

Who likes puns?  If your answer was yes, you're in luck.  I defy you to look at that sample image and not have your pun needs met.  For the rest of us, this is not going to be a pleasant experience.  It's a shame, because I am torn on this one.  Granted, the puns are awful, there can't be more than a few satisfying conclusions to any of these strips, and R.C.'s inclusion of his/her favorite writers/bands is just awkward.   Then again, everything here is so… weird.  And I like weird.  There's the fact that nothing remotely resembles a human, and the fact that the creatures involved are usually at least doing something interesting.  Then again, there's also the fact that if there's room in the panel for a fart sound effect, R.C. is going to cram it in there, and a good chunk of the strips feature either puking or peeing.  Do you like your low-brow humor with just a little bit of "what the hell was that"?  If so, this one is for you!  Topics include R.C. watching a man pick his nose on the bus, how there must be something better to eat than dog biscuits, fun with shit, his love of Sarah Vowell, ordering a sub from a sub (yuk), and rock stars who have changed their names.  Those are the topics that make any sense anyway, however loosely.  Again, in this case it's all about the sample: I think it represents the comic pretty well, so if you like it, go nuts.  I should mention that, to the best of my ability to find anything online, these comics are free upon request, so at least you could check it out if you were curious for the mere cost of a stamp.  Probably a buck or two for postage too, come to think of it…



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