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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not Minicomics: Wednesday Comics #5


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Here is another Twitter Review for the 5th week of Wednesday Comics. Yes, this is not minicomics but I still think it is "other" and yes this is weeks old and probably irrelevant but hey, indulge me. I have read weeks 6 and 7 but have not had time to tweet or blog anything about them yet. Maybe soon. I continue to be really behind in all phases of my life so... hang in there true believer. Without further doo doo...

Wednesday Comics #5

Wed.Comics5 Batman: I would pay for an Azzarello and Riso monthly Batpants book and I don't pay for anything.

Wed.Comics5 Kamandi: Every page raises the bar on just how incredible a comic can be. Another of the best panels I've ever seen.

Wed.Comics5 Superman: Really Emo Superman? You think anyone alive does not know you origin? Really? Die Emo Superman die.

Wed.Comics 5 Deadman: Good fun. I think I like Deadman. Who knew? I want an Arnold Drake Deadman Showcase book. Have they made one?

Wed.Comics 5 Green Lantern: The flashback is getting old. Needs more punching and giant green hammers.

Wed.Comics 5 Metamorpho: Neato. Love Allred's art. Wish he would have written it. He understands this era better than Gaiman.

Wed.Comics 5 Strange Adventures: Beautiful. Not a lot of action this time but the art makes up for it. I want to ride the giant space dog.

Wed.Comics 5 Supergirl: Cute and funny. This one stands on its own as a complete gag. Impressive. 7 year old daughter liked it.

Wed.Comics 5 Metal Men: Well, at least this thing seems to have a plot now. Meh.

Wed.Comics 5 Wonder Woman: Almost readable. Should be 14 pages of comics. At the end the Little Mermaid puts on a Wonder Woman tiara.

Wed.Comics 5 Sgt. Rock: Kinda tedious. Seems like the same page as the last two issues. Still, the art is so great to look at.

Wed.Comics 5 The Flash: Really super great. Love the Iris West strip within a strip thing. Right up there with Waid and Morrison.

Wed.Comics 5 Demon & Cat Woman: The horror dialog is just not my thing but the art is pretty great.

Wed.Comics 5 Hawkman: Again Kyle Baker is awesome. DC needs a monthly book where Baker does whatever he wants.

Wed.Comics 5 Teen Titans: So bland I totally forgot to mention it. Until now. Bland. My daughter draws Starfire better. Seriously.

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