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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Claringbold, Scott & Typhair, Brian


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Gulliver Brimstone

…the hell?  Let me explain.  Usually, at the very least, I have a clear idea of why I liked or didn't like a comic.  This time around I'm pretty sure I hated this, but then again I'm not entirely sure what happened.  As this is an ashcan and is supposed to generate interest in the finished product, I'm going to break my usual "no spoilers" rule and tell you about all 6 pages.  Gulliver Brimstone, we're told in the synopsis, is Britain's first line of defense against the supernatural.  Kudos right away; a synopsis was essential here.  The actual comic starts with something huge (and unseen) ripping out of a truck.  Page 2 begins with what may or may not be the same creatures standing on a rooftop, looking vaguely menacing.  These creatures are quickly overtaken by another, even more menacing creature, which I'm guessing is our hero.  Page 3 sees the introduction of… some other guy, who seems to be as big as our hero and a ringleader of some kind.  We also meet a girl who tells people to get to safety, so I'm guessing she's connected to Gulliver somehow.  Page 4 sees our hero attacking this other big guy and getting beaten back.  This took me more than one glance to interpret, I'll tell you that much.  Page 5 quite possibly has the big bad guy vanish only to reappear a bit farther away to laugh at our hero, but again this is depicted in such a way that I'm only making an educated guess.  Page 6 is funny, but in an almost certainly unintentional way.  The big bad taunts our hero, saying that he's learned a lot about him today, and the girl involved with our hero says "That a damned lot more than we learned!"  Boy howdy, that's for sure.  Do you see the problem here?  This comic was supposed to convince me to be on the lookout for the first full issue of this comic, but the art was damned near indecipherable and the little bits of writing that there were seemed like all cliches all the time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning these two before the first issue is even out.  I'm just saying that this ashcan didn't do a single thing to get me to want to read the full issue.



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