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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poets and Writers- DIY


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I'm not sure how it happened- maybe because I've just enrolled in an MFA program in creative writing- but the latest copy of Poets and Writers showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I was surprised and amused to find that the topic of their September issue is the "Indie Spirit." The magazine features several articles on independent, small publishers and first-hand testimonials on how you too, can "Do-It-Yourself."
Firstly, I will admit that with the ubiquity of blogs and free content, this is a hard time for mainstream writers. On the other hand, for someone who's been publishing her own zine for over five years, I felt the subject matter to be a little stale. I mean, isn't Poets and Writers supposed to show me how to get an agent, a book deal or a fellowship? I already know how to "do it myself!!" Geez, just when I throw my hat in and go the tried-and-true route of academia, the establishment is telling me I've been doing the right thing all along! When's a girl gonna catch a break?
` I really rolled my eyes when I saw this: a how-to article on stitching up your precious chapbook.


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