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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Newman, Al “Owl”


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The Abstract Artist

Well, this has to be the first posthumous review of a comic on this website.  That's awkwardly worded, as it's the creator that died a few years back, but I think you get the idea.  Still, Squidworks put together a collection of his minis and you can still see this whole comic online (and in color) for free, so why not add it?  This is the story of a dissatisfied artist who wonders why nobody ever buys his abstract art.  At the end of his rope he muses that he'd sell his soul if only he could get his paintings to sell, and that usually (in comic books and movies) brings the devil around.  Sure enough, he pops up, but is instantly rejected by the artist, who isn't satisfied with the offer.  He eventually talks Satan into giving him three wishes, to be granted every six months.  Things don't work out in the end, as Satan generally manages to find a loophole, but it's a funny ride to get there.  The sheer self-absorption of this artist is breathtaking, and he goes from being at least a mildly sympathetic character to somebody who you can't wait to see taken down a peg.  The art is fairly simple (the first page is one of the few where you'll see backgrounds), but as it's a story about abstract art, it doesn't need a lot of additional work.  This is worth a look, which you can do for free at that .pdf file I linked above, and now, of course, I'm curious about what else this man has done.  Luckily there are a few free comics at the link posted above, so it'll be easy to catch up on his work in mini comics.



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