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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guest Strip: R. Sikoryak


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via The Daily Cross Hatch by bheater on 8/26/09

rsikoryakgarishsmallLeave it to R. Sikoryak to class up the joint a bit. The artist is best known for his Masterpiece Comics series, which repositions some of history's greatest works of literature through the decidedly low-brow filter of sequential art—Bazooka Joe does Dante, Little Lulu retells The Scarlett Letter, and Beavis and Butthead wait for Godot.

Tasked with created a piece for Art Spiegelman's Raw, Sikoryak took a similar approach, this time reimagining Jim Davis's much-loved Monday-hating cat through the fractured lens of abstract impressionist, Willem de Kooning, for a piece titled "Garish Feline I-VI."

The piece first appeared in Raw Vol. 2 No. 3, back in 1991, and from what Sikoryak tells me, has never before appeared in color—a particular tragedy given the piece's focus on the world of fine art.

You can see the full "Jim Dakooning" series in all of its glory, after the jump. For more Sikoryak, we highly recommend you pick up Masterpiece Comics, out next week from Drawn & Quarterly.

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