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Sunday, August 30, 2009

New zines in the Click Clack Distro catalog.

via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by NicoleIntrovert on 8/29/09
Some of the recent updates to the Click Clack Distro catalog!

Allergies: How To Deal - A well put together zine by Ali of Best Available Productions documenting alternative methods of dealing with allergy problems. She first explains what it may be like during a trip to an allergist if you have the means to visit one. Also included is a list of drugs she has tried and what effects they have had (or not had). There is also a large list of vitamins and herbs that are helpful to those with allergies. Advice on dealing with food allergies, eczema, pet allergies, and dust mites also grace the pages of this comprehensive zine. My favorite section is that which suggests info on home remedies to cure a sinus infection.

Cometbus #52 - This 52nd issue of Cometbus is subtitled The Spirit of St. Louis -or- How to Break Your Own Heart, a tragedy in 24 parts. I'd go with more the Spirit of STL title myself, as this zine takes us through living in a punk house in St. Louis with a group of punks referred to as The Rats. Like always Aaron makes you wish you were there living through the passing roommates and now-defunct house bands, even the rise and fall of a cafe/community space which starts in the house as a protest to the one across the street. You can really get lost in the lives of all the vibrant characters through their love, heartbreak, and accidents. This issue is a real throwback to the Cometbus days of the 90s, and exactly what I have been waiting for from him for the past few years.

Indestructible - Following her zine, Green Zine, Cristy Road packs a punch with the beauty of being a young, queer, female, Cuban punk living in Miami in the 90s in her book, Indestructible. The details of the discovery of life and meaning are what is found in the pages of this beautiful novel graced with the beautiful illustrations she creates. Relationships with men, women, music, body and creation are all examined in this tale of growing up and learning to accept yourself and assert yourself in the world.

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