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Monday, August 24, 2009

News: Writers Workshop of Horrors


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via HorrorScope by Talie Helene on 8/21/09

Writers Workshop of Horror includes an unparalleled list of teachers, all experts in their fields of endeavor. Woodland Press assembled a dream team of writers, editors and professionals for this special project. We then brought in local author Michael Knost as editor. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

The book focuses solely on honing the craft of writing. You won't find anything in the pages of this volume on marketing, promotions, or submission tips. That's another book for another time. What you will find is solid advice from professionals of every publishing level on how to improve your writing.

Although this project is centered on writing horror and/or dark fiction, the principles and advice inside this book will transcend all genres and all forms of writing. It doesn't matter if you write romance, science fiction, western, mysteries, fantasy, or memoirs; you will richly benefit from the information, ultimately improving your craft by bringing polished elements of horror, fear, anxiety, or dread to your work when needed.

Contributors include:

• Clive Barker
• Joe R. Lansdale
• F. Paul Wilson
• Ramsey Campbell
• Thomas F. Monteleone
• Deborah LeBlanc
• Gary A. Braunbeck
• Brian Keene
• Elizabeth Massie
• Tom Piccirilli
• Jonathan Maberry
• Tim Waggoner
• Mort Castle
• G. Cameron Fuller
• Rick Hautala
• Scott Nicholson
• Michael A. Arnzen
• J.F. Gonzalez
• Michael Laimo
• Lucy A. Snyder
• Jeff Strand
• Lisa Morton
• Jack Haringa
• Gary Frank
• Jason Sizemore
• Robert N. Lee
• Tim Deal
• Brian Yount
• Michael Knost

"I have to admit: in spite of my involvement, this is one of the best writing books I have ever read. It is 100% focused on the craft itself." - Michael Knost, editor

Available from Woodland Press; please visit Horror Mall for international shipping options.

Source: Woodland Press, via Borderlands Press


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