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Thursday, August 27, 2009



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Well, damn. Based on the feedback to the last post, I think another CYBER BLUE post is in order. There are many, many more goodies to share if you'd like to see them.

Meanwhile, I forgot to post these two photos from manga hunting at the Cafe Mika going-out-of-business sale:

First up: AT THE MERCY OF DARKNESS (yami no mani mani)by Shungicu Uchida, aka Shigeko Uchida-- prolific and multifaceted performer/artist/cartoonist.

Also: ZASHIKI ONNA by Minetaro Mochizuki (Dragon Head, Maiwai). This is a one-shot horror manga about a creepy stalker woman; My buddy Haruna pointed out the title is a nod to the yokai folk spirit 座敷童 (zashiki warashi). I really love the way they did the type treatment on the kanji on the cover.

Any fans of these two books? Okay, real posts with actual substance coming very soon. I'm getting stressed about Issue 2 of Electric Ant and having trouble thinking straight right now!


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