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Monday, August 24, 2009

Fistful of Comics, Vol.2 #4


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I popped around to this month's 'Panels & Gutters' comic nerd social drinks to discover the launch of Fist Full of Comics #4, scoring myself a contributor copy. Now I will plug it. Although Volume 2, edited & financed by Owen Heitmann, is a little slicker looking than the last , I last described Volume 1, helmed by Sarah Milne & Dan McGuiness, as dying in the arse. Looking back I realised Volume 1 ran for 7 issues, so in theory Volume 2 is stil in an arse & we need to keep pushing (emerging art + shit sic, sic, sic!). & #4 Printed a 2 page comic I made. I had nearly forgotten about that, it's quite old and been excluded or lost by other anthologies in the past. So far it's had positive feedback & been described as "shocking". Full details with a cover pic have already been posted by Owen. I encourage you to pick up these from Pulp Fiction Comics or mail order, it's a good looking anthology series & I'll hopefully be contributing a bit more for the next issue.


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