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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Distort Hackney (UK, 2009)


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via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 8/20/09

Distort Hackney was the precursor to More Noize . The zine never got printed (except for 25 hand made copies of first issue) so instead the three issues were put online in a customised blogformat. A lot of people thought Distort Hackney was a complete cop-out for not being on paper so a Ltd Ed paper version has finally been edited. It doesn't contain anything new, in fact it's minus all photos of the online version and it does not include the Dave Moon photo essay of Disorder and Amebix at the squat shows, but otherwise it's everything from Distort Hackney the webzine converted into a paper fanzine. Well to be honest there were also three other band interviews that were intended for Distort Hackney but they have since ended up in other zines so they're not included here. Anyway, the reason for this hitting PunksIsHippies is less for you to be able to read it online (which you can, issu below, or download pdf) but for you to be able to print it (no copyright shit here). I've made a bunch of these myself and will sell/trade through my distro (and perhaps include as surprise present to people that order More Noize # 2 / Vapuas # 4 split-zine, which will be out this weekend). Leave a comment if you care to get in touch.

PunksIsHippies was never intended as a static one-way communication channel where zines are brought to anonymous surfers, but as a tool for the international D.I.Y. punk and hardcore scenes to use in addition to established means of communication and distribution. So use it!

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