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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Animal Sex Zines


via Somnambulist Zine by noreply@blogger.com (martha grover) on 8/25/09

I'm staying home from my orientation today because I feel like crap. Rather than stay in bed and moan, I decided I could at least post some more blurbs about some zines I picked up at the San Francisco Zinefest on Sunday.
The zine about sex between cats and dogs was mildly amusing. Yet after reading it and getting a strange little lesson on the birds and the bees I realized I had already bought a similar zine a few years ago at Needles and Pens when I came to San Francisco with my grandparents. Weird, I thought, I can now start a zine collection comprised entirely about animal sex. Is this a new sub-genre I wasn't aware of?

Contact info: Cats and Dogs- Jess Labz: jesslabz@gmail.com
Fucking Unicorns: Sy: 3017 20th st. SF, CA 94110


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