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Saturday, August 29, 2009

New zine!


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Hello again! I've been super busy this month, working on an exciting project... a new zine!

new zine!

Miss Sequential #1 is 20 pages of mostly comics and drawings, with a little bit of writing as well. Topics include things I've been thinking about and things that have happened to me. Everything has been drawn or written by hand! And there's only one page that's a "rerun" from this blog, but it's been reworked rather nicely.

You can get one for $2, which includes postage. I accept Paypal to thimblewinder at gmail dot com. If you don't have Paypal, you should email me at that address and we can work something out.

This is the first zine I've made in something like EIGHT YEARS. Which is completely crazy, in that I used to make zines once a month (or so) when I was in high school. It was tough to get going again, but now that I've printed this issue, I'm really excited to make another one.

Look for another post later this weekend! I just returned from San Francisco, where I attended the SF Zine Fest, and I have lots to say about that.


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