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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Paper Planes


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Our very own Huy Vu has a few books on the awesome site Little Paper Planes. A great place to find zines, original artwork, and paper goodness from artists and designers the world over. Some of the artists include: Michael Perry, Deth P Sun, Sae Le Oh and many more!  I'm happy to see the burgeoning DIY small press scene.




Little Paper Planes was started in December of 2004 in Los Angeles by me, Kelly Lynn Jones. As of July of 2008, Little Paper Planes calls San Francisco its home while I work on my MFA. Everything is stored/shipped in San Francisco. I started it to have a place where my friends and I can could sell stuff we make to help us make some money while we focus on our painting careers, but now the store has grown so much and is a place for all sorts of artists and designers. I feel honored that all the people who sell on the site are a part of it. Everyone is very talented and I have made lots of new friends. Oh and I love all the customers too, and even some of you now sell on the site! Anyhow I am going on and on, just wanted to say thanks.

Hug Small Press anyone? More on that to come SOON.


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