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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EVIL MINDED # 1, # 2 & # 3 (USA, 2008-2009)


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Here's my (Slobodan)'s review of EVIL MINDED from my newsletter MORE NOIZE #1 (due on PunksIsHippies end of summer, email me for a free paper copy):

"Evil Minded # 1 (USA, 2008) - This first issue has a D-Clone interview in English which makes it absolutely necessary for you to go out of your way to get hold of. That said, it's perhaps only a shade better than the one I did with D-Clone for Distort Hackney because D-Clone really don't understand much English ha ha ha. Anyway, this is a really nice & short zine that looks absolutely super-cool with its heavy-ink splatter design. Also has reviews, "rants" & photos.And it is for free!

Evil Minded # 2 (USA, 2008) - Tom's second issue has Anguish interview that interested me & I really should try to find out how they sound. There is also a the Wankys interview that is particularly good & informative about what the band is all about. This issue is yet another brief issue that also has reviews & rants all decorated in ultra-punk D.I.Y. bleeding black ink. And it is for free!

Evil Minded # 3 (USA, 2009) - Holy shit. This is the best looking fanzine I have seen in years, with the passion for black-ink-heavy evident from earlier issues (see above) perfected to an art form. But more importantly Evil Minded # 3 is written with such passion that it is difficult not to be completely swept away by it. The Atrocious Madness retrospective interview made me want to force myself to get into a band that previously I have only half-tolerated. I seriously spend like a day listening to Atrocious Madness after reading this zine (but I still can't get into them). The Japanese metal article (nearly) converted me (I am still flirting with Loudness, X Japan, Mein Kampf etc) . The best thing though is the four-way real time conversation between Mike from Chaos Destroy (see 7" reviews, above), Zach from Merciless Game & Dan from Lotus Fucker (see tape reviews, above) talking about the three bands & their scene. There are also reviews & stuff thrown around the zine. I hear only 6 people bothered to order this FANTASTIC zine, which is ironic in that the first 50 or so would receive a free surprise pro-cassette tape to go with the Japanese metal article, a tape housed in a beautiful hand-made fold-out colour cover no less! Meanwhile, Tom is sitting on about half the zine's print-run. If you are reading this you better fucking write & order one today (be sure to ask for the back-issues, they're for free!). Write Tom for details (vtomtomv(a)hotmail(dot)com). "

Evil Minded #1 (2008, Pdf, 3MB)
Evil Minded #2 (2008, Pdf, 80MB)
Evil Minded #3 (Jan 2009, Pdf, 30mb)

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