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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Banan #5 (1986, Sweden) & Banan #8 (1988, Sweden)


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via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 7/13/09

This is the second batch of Banan issues on PunksIsHippies. Click here for earlier issues of Banan Zine. Ok this is amazing. Check out the bands on the covers. Totalitar! Black Uniforms! Concrete Sox! Martial Mosh! Wow. Second-half of 1980s hardly was such a bad time for punk afterall.

Sorry in Swedish language only, translations may be provided by me if you ask nicely.

DOWNLOAD #5 (pdf).
DOWNLOAD #8 (pdf)

Thanks to Calle for scans/uploads!

Sorry for delay in getting the older BANAN issues on to online pdf readers, if anyone care to download all of them and make the pdfs and send me the links it will help! I can't unpack .rar files on this computer so it's a case of downloading at home, unpacking then bringing to another computer somehow to make pdfs and then upload. I keep forgetting...arghghghg


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