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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Clock Tower Nine #13

Clock Tower Nine #13
28 pages, digest
$4.50 delivered (US)

This issue by Danny Noonan is mostly a story about a long ago road trip, starting in Cleveland, dropping through the south, and ending in Portland. A slightly nerdy punk rocker roadie and a girl skateboarder. My favorite line was, “On the open road nothing is a non sequitur.” which I find borderline prophetic.

Another good one, “If I had known how close we had been to the border with Arizona I would have kept driving the night before. Only so we could wake up someplace besides Texas.”

There’s a couple bits of filler, one of which are answers to the question, “What is the last record you would sell?”

Reader 1: Scream Dracula Scream by Rocket from the Crypt
Reader 2: Weight Loss Plann 7” by G-Whiz.

I’ve never heard of either of these bands so I ripped them from Youtube and am listening to them now.

Extra points for multiple Cleveland references.

Danny c/o Spin Cycle
5403, 321 Broadway E.
Seattle, WA 98102



Review by Jack Cheiky

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