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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Läskimooses - year #4 (2015)

Läskimooses - year #4 (2015 - numbers 23-29)

Matti Hagelberg 
23cm x 17cm, black and white, colour covers.
7 issues, variable page count (24-38 pages), with A4 English translation sheets.

Please note: The fourth year of Matti Hagelberg's Finnish experimental comic book epic continues the precedent set by the first three years. My reviews are taking the series year by year, until we catch up with the latest issue #42 - the full set of reviews will be found here, and like the the series itself it's probably best to read them in order.

It's difficult to review something so experiential, and so narrative led, without spoilers. But I'll do my best. 
Historically the Läskimooses narrative enters modern era conspiracy - the world of shadowy elites, who assassinate those with the true knowledge. Think Cold war spies, New World Order. Or take a trip to a large newsagent, those books you find advertised at the back of UFO magazines? that's where we're at. A self-published book written from memory, itself a memory of book destroyed because of The Truth, a truth passed down through tens of generations. A truth that has the elites jumpy and trigger happy. 

The art is a hybrid of fine art, religious iconography, anime, classic american cartoons, pop culture pin ups, historical photographs, and stylised abstraction. And this season of Läskimooses has my favourite back cover so far - Jesus riding on the back of a dinosaur. 

Year #4 ends with an issue that starts to pull the over arching narrative into focus, a glimpse of our first face to face conversation with our interruption loving companion. It's a cliff hanger in the style that is unique to Läskimooses, perhaps just slightly reminiscent of Samuel Beckett:

"What were you muttering about just now?....Wait here, don't start before...."

Despite how that might sound out of context, it's utterly gripping stuff. 

You can check out some samples of Läskimooses here, along with the international ordering info. Most of the sold-out issues have just been reprinted, so it's a rare occasion that all the issues are available - so get in quickly: 

Or ask your local independent comics dealer to get 
Läskimooses  in stock.

Review by Nathan Penlington

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