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Monday, August 14, 2017

Dr Faith's 5 Minute Therapy - Working

Dr Faith's 5 minute therapy - Working

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS

14cm x 21.5cm, 20 pages, cardboard cover.


The genius idea behind this series of zines is that we often face problems that don't need a whole barrage of self-help books, or a series of expensive sessions with a therapist. That's where this series of situation focused help and advice comes in. They are a practical mix of psychology, life coaching, common sense, and understanding. They are often funny too. In fact, just the kind of advice you'd seek from a grounded friend, a friend who just happens to be a qualified therapist.

This issue tackles the subject of work. 

We've all worked jobs we've hated, when every waking minute is subsumed by either being at work and hating it, dreading working, or being filled with anger because of something to do with that job - often all three.

Having all of your time filled with anger because of work is not a healthy way to live. Yet, often, there doesn't feel like a way out - except walking out of your job one morning and never looking back. But burning bridges is not a sensible approach when jobs are hard to find, and sometimes harder to keep. 
This issue of Dr Faith's Five Minute Therapy is subtitled 'Makin' paper without losing your mind or selling your soul', and will help tackle those issues before you reach breaking point.

Dr Faith offers ten useful points and approaches to managing the anger of being treated badly, disrespected, and feeling undervalued. She also gives advice about dealing with shitty bosses and shittier co-workers, and sound advice regarding planning a way out if that is the only option left.

If any of the above describes your current situation, or you have a friend who is constantly complaining about their job, pick up this zine - it could be the best $4 you've ever spent.

Buy Dr Faith's 5 Minute Therapy on Working direct from Microcosm Publishing

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Review by Nathan Penlington

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