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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vice - Issue 5 & 6

Vice - Issue 5: Living Film & Issue 6: In the red

by Shayan Shafii 

16 pages, 6.5cm x 10.5 cm. B&W, stapled. 

$2 + postage

Vice is a great little pocket zine, with an old skool cut & paste style that is an aesthetic nod to the punk zines of the past.  

The content is a collection of music reviews, cartoons, stories, lyrics, images, and snapshots taken directly from experience. 

Issue #5 (October 2016) considers what happens when you experiment with sleep deprivation, what it's like working in a call centre, and the consequences of owning long living pets. 

The latest issue #6 (January 2017) examines the people riding Amtrak trains, plus poems and stories inspired by "the time for love, hate, and all kinds of intangible imbalances". 

In short Vice is a varied, interesting zine. And like the best kinds of zines - it fits in your pocket for those moments when rather than thoughtlessly scrolling through your phone, you can reach out and feel genuinely connected. 

To order contact: shayanshafii {at} gmail {dot} com

Check out details of past issues here: geocities.co.jp/shayanshafii/underground-society/vice.html

Review by Nathan Penlington.

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