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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Slush Pile - 2015 Nov 23rd

Thames Valley

Punk comes to Reading at Radical Zine Fair

The event which aims to to be Reading's first "inclusive, intersectional and radical zine fair" will be at the Jacksons building in King's Road on Saturday, December 12.

Relief Zine
Relief Zine

Relief is a publication featuring young printmakers who work in relief media. We aim to showcase talent in an art medium that is often considered rudimentary and unsophisticated.
Featured artists (A-Z): 
Molly Bounds, Raj Bunnag, Genesis Crepso, Aaron David, John Fleissner, Daniel Green, Dan Heskamp, Izzy Jarvis, Ali Cat. Leeds, Andrew Mullally, Jacob Parker, Nicole Rodrigues, and Tamara Santibañez
- - - - - 
8-Pages, Offset-Printed on Large Newsprint 
Each page measures 15 x 22.5", with a 30 x 22.5" centerfold. 
Zine can be read as a publication, or used as posters.
Shipping Note: 
This item is shipped folded to fit into a 9x12 envelope, but can be sent in a large flat cardboard package. Add a note in your order and you will be billed an additional $2.50 for cardboard shipping.

Myrtle Beach

Zine making party!

 06 December
 Comics N' More
 31 Union St - 01027 - Easthampton -
 Library 451 - Biblioteca 451

Library/Biblioteca451 wants you to help create zines for our community bookshelves. We will be using quotes and excerpts from our favorite books/pieces that inspired and empowered us. We will use these zines to share our favorite authors, poets and thinkers with our community. You are also welcome to come work on your own project if you just want to join in the fun. 451 will provide zine making supplies and snacks, but feel free to bring art, books to quote, and art supplies to share.

Video documentation of the workshop Pedro Ferreira and Assunta Alegiani gave at Prem Tinunsalonda International School as part of the Traidhos Artist Residency Thailand programme.
Chiang Mai, November 2015.


If you’re popping in to the zine library you’ll notice something new. Instead of the A4 print-out with Salford Zine Library on it announcing your arrival, we now have a beautiful painted door with cats in space on it. Much better!
The super talented illustrator Polly Richards came to do it for us and I think we can all agree that she’s done an excellent job. She makes zines and does illustration for lots of different things too (like this No Ditching record cover!). I’d recommend going over to her site RIGHT NOW.

After curating screenshots from Snapchat for over a year, we are ready to release our zine, SNAP. It features 25 sick screencaps printed on high quality glossy paper. We have staple and perfect bound editions, both for 10 beans, shipping included. This one is a banger— click the button, get a book.

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