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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zine Showcase #9

Salome Oberli

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I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night // $3.50 + shipping

An illustrated collection of fourteen strange dreams in a 16 page, hand stitched, black and white zine. The illustrations and typography are pleasantly sketchy and reminiscent of a dream-like state; this combined with having the same title as one of my favourite songs (I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by The Electric Prunes) results in me adoring this zine.

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Hours: Volume 1 / Issue 1 // £1 + shipping

Hours is a wonderfully unique collaborative zine project encouraging participants to experiment with analogue photography; a photographer is randomly chosen to fill a roll of film within a twenty-four hour period, the resulting photographs are then turned into an Hours publication. Not only is this project fascinating, it is experimental with the concept of zine making. This glossy, full colour, 28 page zine is astonishly cheap; not only should you purchase a copy but perhaps you should consider participating as well?



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Ollo Ichi Oh My Farm // $5

Loud, obscure, strangely intriguing, oddly amusing and marvellously presented. 36 neon pages filled with an illustrated story about a farmer. The incredibly distinct illustration work makes Ollo Ichi stand apart from most zines and the esoteric story is so beautifully bizarre you will want to pore over the pages again and again.


Cristina Cacioppo, Matt Carman, Alan 'Albo' Gamboa, Elliott Kalan, Joseph Kirkland,
Sarah Marshall, Laura Martin, Dan McCoy, Ben Shapiro, Alex Smith, Scott White and Kseniya Yarosh

Leah Hayes, Jeremy Jusay, Anja Verdugo

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I Love Bad Movies: Volume One // $5 + shipping

I Love Bad Movies is a collaborative project: Volume One is a 40 page, black and white zine with twenty-one essays discussing bad movie favourites from "flop classics" to hilarious quotes. The zine best describes itself the appeal of bad movies; mediocrity is the biggest sin of all. Whilst big budget films may have the money, it is often difficult to hit the mark of success; more often than not films fall into the abysmal category of "okay but nothing special". A bad film, however, has the courage to disregard the rules of film-making by abandoning itself to the whims of its maker. Terrible acting, excessive clichés, poorly written dialogue and hilarious tag lines results in a film becoming so utterly terrible it goes from bad to good. I Love Bad Movies is responsible for reigniting my passion for obscurely awful films and possibly destroying any credibility I have when it comes to serious film viewing.


Andy Scott

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Short, sweet and what a fantastic title! This tiny zine is a mere 8 pages of illustrated people.

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