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Friday, July 11, 2008

I do not want you to leave

Indy Media Reviews - June 2008

Zine Review - I do not want you to leave

June 27th 2008 22:38

I do not want you to leave, By Jacinta Bunnell: I do not want you to leave is a high-production value litzine with several well-told short stories. These aren't the sort of stories you and just blow through and zip, you're done, these are stories where it's clear the author has taken a bit of thought and has a bit of practice in writing, which is always refreshing to see in a litzine. Jacinta's introduction explains the title's name, odd as it is. The interior pages are well laid out, and the binding is hand down with embroidery thread of various colours. Of the stories therein, I personally was drawn to "Coke Tricks" which, while initially is a story about the properties of Coke on automotive paint is actually a deeper discussion about the priorities of friendships and gender issues. I also enjoyed, "Fruit Stripes" having consumed many sticks of the gum in question as a youth. It ends with an interesting, albiet surreal story entitled, "Scratch". I liked the variety of stories in this zine, and would like to see an even greater diversity in future. 24 pages, Black and White, photocopies, Digest sized $2.00

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