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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Die Volume 3, Issue 2


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The Die Volume 3, Issue 2 / Free / :30 / Red Roach Press, PO Box 764, College Park, MD 20740 / http://redroachpress.com /

The Die is the equivalent of a college newspaper, although 90% of the material is compiled by Joe Smith, the editor. This issue begins with a number of short news blurbs (a la AP news) and then goes into the crux of the magazine relatively fast – the interview with a Socrates scholar takes up two and a half of the zines 16 pages. The tie to Socrates is the dominating force in this issue, as the later book reviews give a good amount of text space to different works concerning the master philosopher. The other major work that is covered in the book review section is an American classic – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and the reviewer ties the piece to the eternal problem that concerns those in power – corruption. The zine ends with a number of different reviews and letters – The Die is one of the few zines that only focuses on zine reviews instead of the disproportionate focus that most zines have on music (oftentimes at the expense of completely excising the zine reviews from print). Finishing up this issue with a number of re-printed letters, The Die is a zine that really maintains a philosophy that is open-ended and open for debate, the positive style that is lauded so much in the earlier pages of this issue. There is really no reason that people shouldn’t try o search out a copy of this magazine, as it is well-written, open-minded, and best of all completely and utterly free!

Rating: 7.0/10


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