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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Zine Review: The Jaws of Life


via Trading Stories with the Leaves by Trading Stories on 9/13/07

Zine - The Jaws of Life

This brilliant mini-zine is a bizarre biography.

A first attempt was written about encounters with the yeti, but this was aborted due to typewriter difficulties. Instead, we are treated to a handwritten explanation of Gorbott's extraterrestrial origins. He writes:

i was transported to earth in some sort of space ship. i think something must have gone wrong in the cockpit, because i was dropped off in arlington, texas.

The illustrations were produced by "allowing my subconscious to dictate the movements of the pen rather than my critical conscious." I think this means he wasn't looking at the page while he drew, and the results are a series of slightly disconcerting but still recognisable portraits. The subjects do not bear any relation to the text, but somehow that seems to make more sense.

The Jaws of Life is very well executed. Gorbott's casual style and sense of humour avoid the potential pitfalls of silliness and pretentiousness. Instead, the zine is imaginative and playfully absurd, and it leaves the reader wishing it was longer.

The Gorbott, The Jaws of Life, 1/8 size, 12 pages.
Available from the author.



  1. what i liked so much about 'the jaws of life' is that it brings to the surface thoughts that a lot of us share. that this world is struggling- that there are people suffering and slipping through the cracks of society. it's a very vonnegut-esque take on the world. it's beautiful.


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