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Monday, October 23, 2006

Stuart Stratu

I started publishing my own comics anthology [Sick Puppy Comix] back in 1996. It wasn't only full of depraved comix from Australia, USA, Canada, and the Netherlands, but a big comix and zine reviews section. I loved writing about this stuff as much as I loved creating it and trading it with others through the mail.

Anyway, thirteen issues of Sick Puppy later I felt burnt out on zines so took a five year break, then came back in 2008 with a new 'themed' comix anthology, Blackguard. The first issue was the Religious Crazies issue. Then came the Father issue, then Crime, then Fear, then Science. Blackguard is on hold right now since I began in 2013 [along with comics pal David Puckeridge] these what we called 'Diary Comics Challenges'.

The whole time, of course, I've written about zines. And I love to drink beer. I love to drink beer and review comics and zines!

If you'd like me to write about YOURS, send it to me here:

Stuart Stratu
PO Box 35
Marrickville NSW 2204


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