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Wednesday, August 19, 2009



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via baby art blog by trevor brown on 8/17/09

some twenty year old practically forgotten trevor brown art has just resurfaced on the web - and i'm not too ashamed of it to deem it worthy of being re-posted here - thanks (urgh?) to the original scanner/ripper at shock corridor - "unsound" was one of the more established and professional zines from the eighties industrial scene - ancient history before most of you baby art blog readers were even born i suspect?! - but if anyone interested there's also a related site, notes from underground, hellbent on digging up best-forgotten zines from that era (that i might be encountered in - hopefully not)

i do have a few other "done-for-zines" drawings from that time brought back from england - there's not much but if i add new works (my "mania" stuff), perhaps enough to consider a second tb b/w compilation book ("temple of blasphemy vol ii"?) - which i know a few people are wanting to publish - but i'm still too lazy to organise putting it together (…and seeing if there really is enough of substance for a book)…

anyway, enjoy these finer old treasures (~cough!~) for the moment


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