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Monday, August 24, 2009

This Is It Zine


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via Ink Stained Hands by Bill Donovan on 8/6/09

I have a drawing in the new "This Is It 6."

Silk Screened cover, This Is It 6
Dan Britt drawing, This guy is an amazing animator. If you visit the This Is It myspace page, you can watch some of his animations - they are sooooo good.

My drawing in the book. I gave the original to Katherine Parker Bryden. Originally it was a Coyote, which I drew because I was reading "Trickster Makes This World," by Lewis Hyde, in which Coyotes appear as Tricksters in Native American myths. I started calling it a wolf, because I think I just forgot that it was a coyote, but it is a coyote.


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