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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Subway Stories #5: L. Nichols


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via The Daily Cross Hatch by bheater on 7/22/09

lnicholssubwaysmallIf you rely on the subway as your primary means of transportation, it's going to happen to you sooner or later—you're going to fall asleep on the train. If you're lucky, you'll jolt awake, moments before the doors close on your stop, and you'll make it off the train in the nick of time. The less fortunate will wind up at the end of a line—in some ominously-named neighborhood like Sheepshead Bay or Throgs Neck.

A lucky few, however, will experience something else altogether. Brooklyn based-L. Nichols describes it as "something magical," and while we can't claim to have had the same experience in the tunnels below New York, the subway can certainly—for better and worse—be a magical place. And, of course, we don't recommend using those plastic orange seats as beds, but as we said before, it's bound to happen, sooner or later.

When she's not falling asleep on the subway, L. Nichols can be found putting her mechanical engineering from MIT to good use making prints and paintings and comics.






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