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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

News: Eclecticism Issue 9


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via HorrorScope by Talie Helene on 8/1/09

Eclecticism E-zine are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary with the release of Issue #9! Come and join the festivities by downloading the free online magazine. With nine contributors (five short stories, three works of poetry, and one artwork from Linda Lisa West) over 69 pages, this party is HUGE!

The issue features an exclusive short story from UK horror author Joseph D'Lacey, plus wonderful work from Jason Fischer, Deborah Sheldon, Myra King, Les Wicks, Ben Brooks, Marielle Lavender, and Briony Fawke.

Editor Craig Bezant expresses delight at seeing the 'zine celebrate birthday number two. "Thanks everyone – readers, contributors and other general supporters – for a wonderful two years. It has been a magic carpet ride of eclectic goodness."

Source: Craig Bezant


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