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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Zines're Ready! (Sneak Preview Too...)


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via Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies? by zacerynova@hotmail.com (Zacery Nova) on 8/15/09

Too awesome.

"Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies? #3" is complete, and so is "Cluttered Mind #1"! If you want a copy of either just post in the comments or email me at 'zacerynova@hotmail.com', you do have to send me something in return though. "Something" includes but is not limited to: mixtapes, nice letters, stickers, postcards, art, drawings of penises, pretty stationary, paperclips, zines, paintings and necklaces made out of pasta.

I've only got 10 copies of Cluttered Mind #1 at the moment, and I promised one to Meagan and am saving one for Lauren so eight of you can grab one if you want. Here's your sneak preview of the incredible observations contained within:

Accidental Eye Contact

There's something inevitable but incredible about accidental eye contact. When you're on the bus, stood in a queue, eating lunch – the worst thing about it is that it can even occur between two people who know each other! You don't mean to catch your Mum's eye when its 2am and you're staggering upstairs after watching a crappy indie horror that wasn't even worth staying up for, and she's walking about too – the pair of you like some rotting zombies who've just been reanimated – because you woke her up when you got a glass of water. And yet you still do, I tend to either do the awkward half-smile or just murmur a quick 'hi' before rushing into my bedroom. Or when it happens at school, and you desperately want to talk to someone because you've known about them for a while and you just know that if the pair of you could speak you'd watch movies and listen to music and ride on buses and you'd be the best friends there ever was; your eyes flicker toward them and you realize they're staring right at you. You frown, they frown. Or when you're waiting to go into an exam, or at the bus-stop, or at the shops and you're sure that the person opposite you, or behind you, has some kind of facial deformity or lipstick streaked across their face. But you don't look at them because what if they do have some kind of deformity, you staring at them isn't going to make their lives any better! Or there's that girl you walk past at college who's wearing a t-shirt that says something along the lines of "boys keep asking me what my t-shirt says", and you can't quite see if that's exactly what it says but you don't want to give her the satisfaction of asking her so you just shut up and whilst you walk past you do the embarrassing "it's-alright-we'll-have-walked-past-each-other-any-minute-now" face where you smile without teeth and look them in the eye for approximately one second before looking away. Accidental eye contact is one of the great mysteries of life…a bit like aliens, mustaches and bad rock music.

See? I knew it'd be awful!

Anyway, I'm feeling much more optimistic about school now. Because, you know what? I've never had trouble making friends and there is bound to be someone there who likes me, plus, I'm going to school as I am (fat, gay, sarcastic, unfashionable, black-haired!) for the first time and not pretending to be someone else, which is lovely.


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