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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little things...


Sent to you by Jack via Google Reader:


via Kelly Kilmer Artist and Instructor by Kelly Kilmer on 8/19/09

Stamps and stuff from Ink About It the other day...stamps include Stampotique, Invoke Arts, CatsLife Press, B-Line, Paula Best and Fred Mullett.
Here are the stamps I carried with me from Judikins and Catslife press. I bought them at Frenzy Stamper a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE the new Judikins. LOVE. I was clutching them to my chest. "Mine." "Love." I swear I regressed about 30 years to 4. L O V E.
How utterly cool is this?!?!?!? My friend, Jeane made the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors!!!! It runs in the family. Her Mom, Jane is on the cover of the latest Sew Somerset magazine.
Kudos to both extremely talented women, and two very good friends. ;)


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