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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hard copies of C'Z#3


Sent to you by Jack via Google Reader:


via CRUCIAL 'ZINE :: 'BRIDGE CITY 'ZINE CORE by noreply@blogger.com ('Bridge Crew) on 7/11/09


Crucial 'Zine #3 is now available from:

- Us! Hit us up on Facebook or myspace about getting a copy straight from the source!
- Billy's on Burleigh Street.
- Various pubs around Cambridge (like the Zebra and the Run), as well as the Cambridge Fopp and HMV.
- Rhythm Records on Benaki St. in Athens/Greece.
- True To The Game Records, World's Appreciated Kitsch
- Probably most Last Gang In Town shows, or any other Cambridge shows for that matter which we show up to.

We'll be getting it out to a few more distros, like , etc. If you know anybody who'd like to spread the crucial word, get them in touch with us.


Things you can do from here:


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