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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fisher, Mike


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3-D Pete's Star Babe Invasion Special

That's a bit of an awkward title, but you probably get the idea: this is a comic (mostly) about various attractive women in older science fiction movies and tv shows (mostly).  Ladies, if you're instantly offended, all I can say is that Mike mostly used images of faces, so it's not like he was a total perv about all this or anything.  Bookending this comic are two examples of Raquel Welch in science fiction stories, and they're not the ones that you're thinking of.  Assuming that you were thinking of Fantastic Voyage and One Million Years B.C., that is, as the examples Mike picked were from her 1970 TV special (that you can find at You Tube) and her guest appearance on an episode of Mork & Mindy.  Next he talks about the 1954 movie Devil Girl, its strengths and weaknesses, and goes on to draw how it would look today with an actual budget.  He follows this with a dozen babes (hey, I'm just going to use his language for the purpose of this review) from Lost in Space and the original Star Trek, and wow did those pictures kick in the nostalgia part of my brain.  The sampled page is next, a brilliant retelling of his watching the show with his family and how it challenged him to think.  Now we get to what had to be included in this issue: full color centerfold!  Not as salacious as you might think.  There's a bit of quiz next, as you have to match the pictures to the actual actress.  Sadly, my dork cred isn't nearly what I thought it was, as I only got the two obvious ones (Princess Leia and Barbarella).   I almost sampled the next page instead of the Star Trek story, as it's an image of a scientifically accurate space babe, and she's just about as horrific as you might imagine.  Finally there's an excellent two page story about Gort (from The Day The Earth Stood Still), with some fun facts about the movie and the various actors involved.  Finally there's an "interview" with Gort which was one of the few things in the book that I didn't like, but by that point the comic had already won me over.  This is for anybody who grew up on science fiction movies and shows from about 1950-1980.  Ok, more specifically men, but there's enough stuff here for geeks of both genders.  $5



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