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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Diggers Papers No. 7: “Bring the color gold. Bring photos of personal saints...


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via ARTHUR MAGAZINE - WE FOUND THE OTHERS by Jay Babcock on 7/20/09

Arthur is proud to present scans of essential documents produced by and about the San Francisco Diggers, who were in many ways the epicentral actors in the Haight-Ashbury during the epic, wildly imaginative period from late '66 through '67. The Diggers' ideas and activities are essential counter-cultural history, sure, but they are also especially relevant to the current era, for reasons that should be obvious to the gentle Arthur reader.

What we have here are two posters advertising the January 14, 1967 "Human Be-In" at Golden Gate Park, which featured a principal Digger—poet/dancer/visionary Lenore Kandel—on the stage. Following the posters is a write-up for the event by journalist/novelist/poet Chester Anderson, who was new to town and new to the Diggers. I'm not sure if this document was ever published, and it's not a "Diggers" document per se, but it's an evocative piece of writing about the day, and representative of how the Diggers were thinking about the free, public events they were bringing into reality.

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