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Sunday, August 9, 2009

BugPowder Weblog : July 12, 2009


via BugPowder Weblog on 7/12/09
  • newsround:

    chris getliffe sez:
    "On Saturday the 18th Of July, I'm painting live at the Southbank centre with 9 other artists care of United Underground & Ctrl+Alt+Shift magazine. Leading up to a huge gig there with the likes of Bashy, Plan B, & Theoretical Girl". Details here

    Also, 'EARLY LIES' Exhibition @ The Tank Gallery: This exhibition of my paintings, doodles, & funs is still going on till the 18th of July, if you fancied having a nosey. Lots of new work up and Canvases & Prints for sale. It's Free and can be found here
    Wed-Sun 12-6
    Tank Gallery
    80 Ladeywell Rd
    (You may have to enter via the Ladeywell Tavern depending on day)
    SE13 7HS
    facebook group here, chris's website here

    there's another zine related event on the 26th july in the foyer of the Barbican in London, where its all about the swapping- details here

    challenging sleazy dan lester for the most esoterically themed anthology, rob jackson has just released the pasty anthology- yes, an anthology about pasties, featuring Jim Medway and Francesca Cassavetti amongst others, available from his website

    simon perrins' hope for the future web comic now available in book form, details here

    interesting stuff at asthmatic comics blog

    and dont forget about the alternative press festival



  1. i'm gonna make my own journal

  2. я думаю: прелестно! а82ч


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