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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zeen Review: Quiet Pop


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QUIET POP by Quiet Pop

Quiet Pop is a collective of artists, mostly visual artists & musicians who've combined powers to summon some kind of networked multi-platformed arts champion. They put art on the walls, put on a gig in the same space & often feature live drawing or painting. Of the 2 gigs I've seen them put on, the crowd they draw seems to consist of people they already know & seldom few strangers. Quiet Pop, as a consortium of artists, don't seem to try anything new but merely do what they already like & pat themselves on the back about it. As far as networking goes, they have a comprehensive net presence & relevant to this here article, a zeen to ply about town in the venues they like to frequent. It's an A7 fold out # in full colour featuring mostly reviews of albums & gigs w/ a few interviews w/ artists they endorse. & The reviews all seem to be quite glowing, which takes me back to the beginning of this review & the comment about not trying (or consuming) anything new & patting themselves on the back. Even though there are artists mentioned in the zeen that I do enjoy, I gotta take their write-ups w/ a grain of salt within the biased context that is 'Quiet Pop'. As pleasant as their product is, there's  a lack of challenge for the reader that translates as a failure to engage w/ their desired audience. While it does seem like they want to endorse a culture of saccharine niceties, Quiet Pop, for variety's sake, need to throw something thoroughly unpleasant in the mix, please?


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