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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sour Puss #01 is finished


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Sour Puss #01 is FINISHED. I'd describe it's contents but it's basically a bunch of miscellaneous shite, like what I like to put in my wraps, a couple of shit book reviews, lists, some stuff about how I love photography, having a constantly sore stomach, some zine reviews, cut n paste and lots of (legible) handwriting. It has a picture of a smiling sea lion. And I did some drawings. It's 30 pages or thereabouts and is 1/4 size (quarter A4).

I'm just finding my feet with my zines again and you can tell, I'm a little bit hesitant and restrained, it's been a while since I've actually completed one and I've never got to the stage where I've distributed it to people I don't know. I'm already at work on #02! So if you're happy enough to peruse this issue in all it's haphazard glory, then be my guest!

I'm asking $3.50 (AU) just to cover some of the cost of the ink my printer chews through. I'm running at a loss, because I don't think it's fair to charge you for my preference to print at home, rather than photocopy. You can bank deposit it if you're in Australia, just message me for my bank details, or you can just send me a letter with well concealed cashola. You can also paypal it if you roll that way, message me for details. I'm also happy to trade if it's something I'm interested in (I love perzines/ lit or poetry zines)..Happy to send overseas.

Also included is my partner J's 'Neck Beard' zine - just a little mini zine with some illustrations. We've been staying up 'til 1am watching Dexter, so both these zines have been made whilst doing that. We're super productive and love to multiskill. Hah!

Sorry for the verbosenss ,I lack the ability to keep things concise.


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