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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Call for zines: The Book Bike...

via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by Gabriel Levinson on 2/28/10
Dear Zinesters,

I've got a project in Chicago known as the Book Bike. I started it two summers ago and have given away 3,000 new and used books since its inception. To learn about the Book Bike please check out this link where you can read some press on it:www.somethingtoread.net/book-bike

The reason I'm bringing it to your attention is because this summer I am going to announce a new focus for the Book Bike: I am going to start giving away only independent press and zines. I have had the great fun of giving away all kinds of books and connecting with my community from south-side to west-side to north-side (east-side is a giant lake) and now I want to go one step further and not only promote reading and building/cherishing a private library, but I want to use this vehicle as a means to promote new, independent lit. I want the Book Bike to become a roving bastion of the global independent scene.

And so: this is an open call request for your participation! I want to distribute free copies of your zines/independently published books/etc from the Book Bike. I know it will cost you shipping and maybe other expenses, but I hope you would see it as an investment of sorts. I am not making any money from this project so there's no secret motive here, its just to help spread the word through a hopefully-unique means.

My contact information (phone and email) is on my website, please don't hesitate to let me know if you are interested!

With regards,
Gabriel Levinson

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