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Sunday, March 28, 2010

here's a blog about distros that i love heaps much. comment if you aggree.i ...

via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by kitty magic on 2/28/10
here's a blog about distros that i love heaps much. comment if you aggree.
i have noticed how distros never seem to be permanent. new distros are always popping up everywhere and other distros are always closing down. this does suck, because whenever i am searching the net for cool distros, i find a really cool looking one, then i find out it's closed! i judge a distro by how interesting the website looks, how old the person that runs it is, but hardly ever ny the actual zines they sell. one time i found a disto that was wso amazing looking, it hurt to look at their site, then i found out they had been closed since 2006. another awesome distro i found was run by a 16 year old, which i just think is amazing and inspiring. hmmm, and i also love other kinds of distros that i sometimes find, like little tiny book publishers, or cassette labels. and what is super bad about these distros and labels is i cannever find them again, they all seem to have dissapeared, i forgot to bookmark them on my computer. if i did remember them, i would so make a list of all my favourite distros!!!

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