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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lesson Master

Lesson Master by Ben Hutchings 44 pages, digest size, 4/35 Murray Rd, Brunswick West, Vic, 3055, www.hutcho.net, drphwoar@yahoo.com

Ben’s ‘Lesson Master' is a creepy little fellow who exists purely to teach people lessons, while taking pedantry to hilarious extremes. In one strip a pedestrian steps one centimetre off a zebra crossing, the Lesson Master zooms up on a motor scooter, runs over offender's foot, breaking his ankle. In another, a detective inspector, having announced the team's triumphant capture of a serial killer, leans back in his chair, puffs on a cigar and puts his feet up on the desk. Lesson Master pops out of offender’s coffee mug, points out correct use of desk, then underlines the lesson by slamming a bar fridge down onto the detective's legs. 'Offenders' are rewarded with a 'Lesson Learned' ribbon plastered over their face or head. There are 21 one- or two-page strips in this volume, including The Lesson of Pronunciation, The Lesson of Marriage, The Lesson of Pencils, The Lesson of Pop Stars, and many more funny and edifying comic strips Highly recommended!


Reviewer Stuart Stratuhas been Publisher of Sick Puppy Comix , Atomiser, and now Blackguard. Loves to review both comix and zines.

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