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Saturday, March 27, 2010

99 Zines By Women

via Barnard Zine Library on 3/11/10
March 8th marked the 99th International Women's Day.  Quite appropriately, the folks at Microcosm Publishing put together a list of their favorite 99 zines written or edited by women (that are still in print) on their blog, Blogifesto

The top ten are:
  1. Doris (Barnard Call Number: Zines O84d)  
  2. Ker-Bloom   
  3. Counterbalance (Barnard Call Number: Zines C686
  4. So What (Barnard Call Number: Zines S595s
  5. Krazy Kat Lady
  6. Spread
  7. Just So You Know
  8. New Orleans... My Love
  9. List (Barnard Call Number: Zines B494l)  
  10. On Being Hard Femme

Feel the love. See the rest of the list.

My current faves include Miss Sequential (back in the day I loved Marissa's Nothing) and Melt the Snow

What other current zines should I be reading? What are your faves?

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