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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unbelievably Bad #8 #9

Unbelievably Bad #8 edited by Von Helle 100 pages, magazine size, PO Box 171, Bexley NSW 2207 unbelievablybad@optusnet.com.au  

I was pretty excited about getting a copy of this issue since not only has it got a cover by Donny Rat (colouring by Glenno), but it's got a big interview with him, plus more of his awesome comix art. Donny Rat also has a band called The Homicides, who seem to be some kind of GG Allin tribute band, and I've heard some of their songs on their MySpace page and they're bloody awful, but the band would probably be great live, as long as they didn't throw their own shit at the audience like that maniac GG Allin did.

  Anyway, this issue also has an interview with Neil Hamburger, who is my new favourite comedian ever since I *discovered* him when he was interviewed on The Naked City.
[Big thanks to Glenno for hipping me to this zine!]

Unbelievably Bad #9 STOP PRESS! Yes, a new issue of UB arrived just in the nick of time! In this issue: trash cinema legend Hershell Gordon Lewis interviewed; Sealo the Seal Boy; Devo interviewed; comics (and cover illo) by Rick Chesshire; Chad Morgan; Henry Rollins; a free CD with loads of punky tunes including D. Rat’s band The Homicides! Also heaps of CD and vinyl and movie reviews, and zine reviews including a very nice one about Blackguard #1! Thanks, Von Helle, your taste is impeccable! And your zine is pretty damn good too, that’s for sure.

Review by Blackguard

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