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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



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Sandusky Review no. 5
Edition of 54 hand-assembled artifacts; 88 pages, with poems, essays, an introductory tribute, and sketches and drawings of comestibles and combustibles ranging from gyoza to cheap champagne.

Poetry Editor: Professor Fury
Art Editor: Lula
SR Digital Editor: Dave Ashes
Cover Printed by: Lotus Editions at 121 Millsaps, Jackson, Miss.
Layout Guidance: Walter Biggins
Artist's Representation: Light + Glass Studio
John Lennon's Saving Grace: Yoko Ono
Life Coach: Sally J. Nordan
Screen image generated by: Mississippi Screenprint, Jackson, Miss.
Cover paper: Arches cold press 140 lb.
Paper & deckle ruler purchased from: Art Supply Headquarters, Jackson, Miss.
Total of various costs, not including labor: $151
Price of each artifact: $5 or trade in stamps or Polaroid film (preferably 600)
Contact: gorjus.prettyfakes@gmail.com



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