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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Potential Mode #1

Potential Mode #1
5.5 x 8.5, 24 pages
$3 by mail, $3.40 by paypal (potentialmode@live.com)
"An anthology of various works of Jeremy Scott Nichols." Short stories mostly. Some told in comic form and some not. At least three of the stories are "to be continued..." Death is a common theme. One story is about finding a parking place on the first day of school. It's actually more interesting than you might think, probably because the writing is good. My favorite story involves a dead inventor looking back on his selfish endeavor. Good first effort, however I question the idea of starting so many storylines just to leave the reader hanging. Will all of these stories be finished at some point, and will it be worth it?
Jeremy Nichols, 507 N. Poe St., Paoli IN 47454 USA
Review by Dan Murphy of Elephant Mess and The Juniper
PO Box 363, Edwardsville IL 62025 USA

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