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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Subway Stories # 6: Joe Decie


via The Daily Cross Hatch by bheater on 9/2/09

joedeciesubwaysmallBritish cartoonist Joe Decie fudged the rules for Subway Stories a bit. And we might have complained, too, had he not submitted such a beautiful strip. He apologized anyway, though, telling us, "the character and events in my strip are not real, although the places are."

We sort of guessed at the former, given that what images of Decie are available online don't seem easily mistaken for those of a bald elderly man. The location, too, should be familiar to those who have spent any time in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

As for Decie himself, you can find more of his work over at Top Shelf 2.0, as well as some insight into his favorite brand of whiskey—an important bit of information, if you're looking to make friends with a cartoonist.

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